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Please google Don Karl Juravin and Roca Labs and you will see what this guy is all about. First, Juravin is infamous in the weight loss industry and is generally regarded by the authorities, namely the US Federal Government, as perpetuating a scam and hoax on thousands of consumers around the globe who bought by his on admission, fake products.

Juravin is also notoriously known for actually suing his customers who left him bad reviews and he claimed that any negative review should be regarded as slander. How rich is that? Don Karl Juravin is a resident of Bella Collina in Orlando, Florida and it looks like the nonsense with this guy never ends. I have noticed on various google reviews, and others, that he operates under different names and writes fake reviews to make it look like more than one individual is writing about what looms large in his mind.

He is also known to write supporting comments as well to support his fake reviews. I am posting from the public records on how he lied about his admittedly fake products and faking testimonials and medical studies. This writer has also included the complaint filed by Bella Collina for his incessant writing of fake reviews. The documents have been downloaded from online sources like pissedconsumer.com.

Read away and decide for yourself. I live in Bella Collina and it has been wonderful how the owners turned this place around. As you can see, Don Karl Juravin is angry that he got caught and the BC owners are not scared to deal with a nut like him.

You would think though with all of his money troubles with Feds and the IRS, he would want to lay low...apparently Don does not think so. I think I know how this one is going to end.

Reason of review: Bella Collina is a great place!.

Bella Collina Pros: Dcs turned bella collina around, Place is beautiful.

Bella Collina Cons: Don karl juravin lies.

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Not only did Bella Collina win against Juravin, the court is now holding him in contempt of court which likely lead to his arrest and jail time!


Well, he thinks he's a "genius" and smarter than anyone else. However, if you really look into Don Karl Juravin you find someone who thrives on the very unscrupulous conduct, of which he "claims" others use against him, when it's merely exposing this guy as the utter fraud he is!!

Truth exposes him, and lies are all he has in his defense. If you have a couple days, read the 2500 page, $25M FTC lawsuit against the guy.

If that is not enough, then look at the numerous judgments and the IRS $800k tax evasion claim. His "Messiah" complex will not bail him out.


This guy has a history of making **** up. He got in hot water after he basically accused a Nevada senator of bribery.

They didn't just let him get away with that either. I hope they nail this ***.


Finally someone is taking this *** to a task for his damaging online reviews. I just googled this guy's name for posting fake reviews about our car dealership.

He even had the audacity to claim we were posting fake reviews! What a scammer


LOL...this *** doesn't get it that people are onto him..funny ***