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I am an owner and part time resident at Bella Collina. I have to say that my wife and I were more than shocked when we got back to the States from where we live in the U.K., to see how this crazy neighbour of ours posted a very large and defamatory banner in his front yard which claims the the developer was the mafia and the development was jinxed!

To add insult to injury, he has not mowed his lawn in months and he insists on leaving his rubbish bins in the street 7 days a week! We and our other neighbours complained to the POA and property managers as this was an awful situation, and it was hurting our property's value; as well as being perfectly embarrassing when friends would pop in for a visit because everyone was forced to drive by his house. I decided to find our who this person is and when I googled his name, Don Juravin....Whoa! I saw one insane story right after another.

I would like to commend our POA managers who work for free in a thankless job to make this place look wonderful every day! Good job I say dragging this man into court so he could no longer hurt us mentally as well as financially. And another word of thanks goes to Andrew the property manager, who has to deal with this craziness daily and always answers our calls no matter what the issues are, big or small. Thanks to DCS for working hard and investing millions here and making it a wonderful place for everyone.

Pictures downloaded here were taken by me and other neighbours.

I downloaded the judges order from Lake County Florida Court's website which is public record. Thanks for reading!

Reason of review: Great place to live and very responsible management.

Bella Collina Pros: Dcs invested millions in bella collina, Wife and i invested in bella collina.

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I agree with this review about the beauty of Bella Collina, and that the bulk of the on line negative comments comes from one discredited source.


This sounds like a post made by yes communities there's no way that anybody take your time to make this post if they didn't work for us communities. No one comes on here to read complaints that's satisfied with their community it's ridiculous to assume that this is a legitimate post made by a legal resident of yes communities.

Yes communities is a farce ever since the 2017 acquisition a 2 billion dollar sell out to a Singapore Investment Company. The place has gotten worse since that time but yes communities as you can read on the internet is one of the worst places to live in the country.

@Same old

But somehow they have managed to become the second largest wonder of manufactured home parks in the country!