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I visited from Miami only to learn that residents of the Bella Collina bought homes without being aware of the dangers of living next to the poisoned lake Apopka where decades of pesticide runoff that turned it into a toxic brew of chemicals. Every day, crop dusters spray a toxic brew of chemicals on farmworkers in the United States.

One of the communities that has been impacted is Lake Apopka, Florida. Lake Apopka is a very large lake, but it is also the most polluted lake in Florida. Attempts to clean it are delayed decades as the county has run out of funds to complete it.

I found out that Bella Collina falling homes prices were not only because of the polluted lake but, as I found out, because of the bad management. Buying a home in Bella Collina without checking the facts could have costed me $500,000 and I am angry for not being told that in advance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bella Collina Home Buying.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Bella Collina Cons: Bella collina homes by the polluted lake, Bella collina bad value homes.

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This another bogus post by Don Adi Juravin a.k.a Don Karl Juravin a.k.a Adi Juravin. Google those names and you can read for yourself about this guy that the US Feds call a scammer. The FTC just filed for a $25 million dollar judgement on him as well as the IRS putting a $800,000.00 tax lien on him as well.


Great question, I saw this and figured I would answer as my dept handles on component of the Lake Apopka cleanup. Actually the lake was pretty bad off.

The key word is "was". The lake clean up is funded by the state mainly and is about 65% there in terms of total turn around. Water clarity has greatly improved as well as wildlife counts rebounding. The issue is a heavy layer of muck on the bottom which ranges from one to fifteen feet deep and not chemicals leaching into homes or the shorelines.

Google Lake Apopka or get on our website at St. John's Water Management District and read up!


How bad is this lake Apopka? How close are the Bella Collina homes to the polluted lake?

I read that the pollution got so bad that by the mid-1990s, when the state bought up 15,000 acres of farmland around it, Lake Apopka was known as the most polluted lake in the state.

My understanding is that the disease is something of an enigma to the medical world.

As an ailment, it affects so many body systems and its symptoms mimic so many other illnesses that it often goes undiagnosed. As a result, it's difficult to nail down figures to determine how many people actually have the disease

Have Bella Collina residence (I mean the 50 homes that are semi occupied) been affected by the chemicals?


There is nothing true in this blog and all of the comments supporting the blog are from one individual.


Mr. Campbell, get serious and deal with the facts.

I also considered buying in Bella Collina and as I was searching, this post opened my eyes because I did not know that Bella Collina homes are "next to the poisoned lake Apopka".

Are the homes you sell not by the lake or the lake is not polluted?

I also read about the FRAUD and SCAM in the Bella Collina community and how people lost millions of Dollars buying lots and homes.

Can you please respond with the FACTS?

What does it matter who wrote it?! You are acting like a mafia guy who is afraid of the truth in any of the posts I have encountered when searching: "Bella Collina fraud" and "Bella Collina scam" are not true.

@Roberto Gonzales

The idiot that wrote this comment is Don Karl Juravin


Terry Wainwright paid my attention to Bella Collina in another post about the FRAUD and SCAM history of Bella Collina homes in Florida and anyone who searches: Bella Collina SCAM can find out about the history of these properties. People only LOST MONEY there.

Charging $900,000 for a lot adjacent to a polluted lake like Apopka with chemicals?! I googled it and it's a BAD lake.


Got their ad on a web page, searched and found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNi_TfnhhGg

Enough with the real estate FRAUD.


Tired of false advertisement.

I received some advertising from them and searched online line to find this post.

This Bella Collina is a ghost town with toilets on the streets and it looked to me like 90% of the Bella Collina home "community" was actually empty lots.

Yes, EMPTY lots after

Search for: Bella Collina Fraud Case and you will find some of the reasons: This 1,900-acre property, called Bella Collina, was designed to hold 800 homes.

Today, only 48 houses dot the landscape, and just three are occupied. The clubhouse, though open, is eerily quiet, and a promised swimming pool and equestrian center have yet to be built.

Bella Collina, the brainchild of Edward Robert Ginn III, looks like a ghost town