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Bella Collina - Trouble makers that only stand for themsleves

I am a home owner in Bella on the golf side and know the management people and Randall green and Paul and others and I can say that I am one of about 100 people who own and live in Bella and are very happy with things... I have been here from the beginning and have seen the great things that they all are doing to make this a better place... this wacko guy just bought here , why didn't he do this bs research before he bought... why u have to be the 1 or 2 or 3 to spoil everything g for everyone else just be cause of your ignorance....I would not pay attention to this loser and I would tell anyone this is a great investment... I grew up here, not from another state much less another country like this ***, the same stuff that we are going thru which is nothing different than isleworth went thru 35 years ago... I say u not happy... sell and go some where else cause there are a lot of me here that are with the hoa board and the owners of D.C.'s .. let me know maybe all of us will buy your *** out and send you packing... ps I am Troy Bennett a very happy home owner here at Bella and my wife and I love it here....Bella's like the us... *** people say *** lies and blow things out of proportion and the. *** people believe it and repeat what they don't know what the *** they are talking about... this is what's wrong with America and this is the only thing that's wrong with Bella, ask others like me.... you will hear a much different story on things around here....
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Bella Collina House Construction
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Bella Collina homes (Florida) FRAUD

I was allured to invest in Bella Collina. Here are the real facts about Bella Collina homes located in Montverde, Florida: Almost EVERYONE who invested in the properties there lost money. A lot of money. Million of Dollars. It is claimed that the entire "project" of Bella Collina started as a SCAM and deceptive hype where victims paid over $1,000,000 for land. According to ONE of the lawsuits, the alleged fraud consisted of false representations, deceptively created impressions of false values, artificially created scarce supply of properties and memberships, and artificially high demand based upon fake illusory real estate sales. The lawsuit accuses the builders or sellers of defrauding investors and purchasers at 10 properties in Florida, including Bella Collina, 15920 County Road 455.
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i like it bella collina


Bella Collina, Dwight Schar, Randall Greene and convicted felon Rick Arrighi (Rick Arrighi) have been accused of Fraud, Scam or embezzlement more than once


The only thing fraudulent in Bella Collina is Don Juravin who as convicted in Israel for scamming consumers and has down the same thing here in the US. He just bankrupted one of his companies last week and I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy nonsense to ensue. Google his name and you will see what he is all about.


Don Karl Juravin needs to branch out a bit to include more original fake names and comments. They kind of all run together when posting so many lies, under so many false names.


Rick Giancomo is spot on!! Don Juravin however isn't just your "run of the mill" nut job. He hit the mother load jackpot, or has just about cornered the market on NUT JOB!!!

Unfortunate for Bella, but eventually truth will prevail and he will rue the day he took this task on to trash good people and a great property.


This is all BS that any real estate agents are commenting. They certainly don't sound credible. It does sound eerily similar to the type of constant false posting by the central character is SCAM: Don Karl Juravin.


Oh bs news sweetheart... if u can say your name then your comments are worthless...

how do we even know u are are homeowner... good bye




Deceptive review by Don Karl Juravin. He is well known for this but is usually posting fake positive comments about his fake weight loss products. What he does not realise is that he has the total opposite of a fan club and so many people are onto him that he has scammed.


I heard that Juravin is consulting a bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa because of all of the judgements against him. Does anyone know if that is still true?


This is another dumb post by Don Adi Juravin who lives in Bella Collina and is fighting with the owners there. You can always tell when Don writes something, his writing skills in English are atrocious.

Don, next time you write this, say that you were "lured" not "allured".

This Juravin guy has his hands full now because the IRS has a $785,000.00 personal judgement on him and the FTC just filed for a $ 25 million dollar personal judgement as well.

Good luck Don Adi the way, why do you use some many aliases? What, or whom are you hiding from?


I am a real estate agent who sells at Bella Collina and my buyers are familiar with the dead beats who brought about the lawsuit. They are just angry that the POA is suing them for years of not paying their bills.

In addition, the lawyer that filed the lawsuit, E. Timothy McCoulogh has several legal malpractice claims against him in addition to filing bankruptcy last year.

The agents and the community appreciate what the developer and POA have done to get the project back in order. The only reason why you are attacking Randall Greene is because he is the front face of their legal complaints to collect money rightfully owed to the POA and you are obviously ignorant about the real Bella Collina story.


Hey Perry,

Are you telling your potential buyers about the $40,000 and $80,000 TRAP and the $8,000 a year TRAP forever?

Are you telling them that the lot is actually worth $5,000 because that's what DCS Real Estate Holdings and Dwight C. Schar paid for them. Do the math.

A lot in Bella Collina is worth $5,000 and when you SCAM a home buyer to pay mare than that you can be DEFRAUDING them.

Them customers the truth!


Again this Bella Collina place is being sued and this time it's Randall Greene being accused of alleged dishonest and fraudulent business dealings and the newspapers write:

Bella Collina property owners, in lawsuit, allege racketeering

“The Defendants illegally usurped control of the POA. The POA, without member authorization, then filed 400 fraudulent lawsuits for the collection of invalid special assessments, which coerced lot owners to surrender their lots,” the lawsuit says.

FRAUD and scams continue to be the theme of Bella Collina. No real estate with conscious should sell property there.

Soon, real estate agents will be sued for selling and recommending Bella Collina real estate.

@Real Estate Agent

I read that dude.

These real estate agents are SCAMMING customers.

What you don't know is that I researched and a lot in Bella Collina is worth $5,000. That is real market value.

Someone ought to shout it load and to every real estate that tries to DEFRAUD home buyers into paying a lot for more than that.


This comment was posted by Don Adi Juravin who is a little man angry at the world. Good luck with the $25 million dollar judgement from the US government and the $1 million dollar plus lien from the IRS!


I went to Bella Collina last week to look at a home to build as I am being transferred to Orlando from NY/NJ for my job. I was really impressed at what I saw.

The course was in top condition and there were a lot of homes under construction. That's a great sign and I am going to move forward.

I have read some of these reviews that are bad and googled the name of the alleged poster, this character, Don Juravan. What I noticed is he posts crazy things all over the internet about everything ( as if anyone really cares about his opinions). It seems that anything he writes is just plain garbage.

I also found out he lives in Bella Collina where I am going to be building. I asked some of the future neighbors about him.

From what they said, he is a total nut job, and no one likes or wants to have anything to do with him; as has even gone as far as filing false police reports on innocent people if he has a beef with them.

I guess every neighborhood has to have a nut job or two!!! Either way, I am still moving there!

@Rick Giancomo

You were impressed because you were blinded by Randall F. Greene who is now accused of RACKETEERING together with the rest of the Bella Collina gang.

I was almost a victim.

If you bought a lot for more than $5,000 you are a SUCKER. This is what the last bulk of lots was sold for and this is how much it's worth.

Don't forget that you are also TRAPPED into paying for a good looking wedding venue which is a worthless club.

For the pleasure of visiting the ghost town club, you pay $5,000 a year for life.

Only suckers are buying in Bella Collina.


"Nathan" is none other than serial fake poster Don Juravin! Hahahahahahahahahaha


So there was not FRAUD or SCAMS in the Bella Collina homes sales of real estate at all and this video is a lie?

I watched the video twice and it is very clear what the buyers felt: Buyers of lots and homes in Bella Collina felt SCAMMED and lost millions of Dollars.

I am confused.....


Sebastian, what are you so confused about? You need to google CURRENT news stories and that will enlighten you.

I am a local broker and have sold a few homes over the past few years and my buyers love Bella Collina.

The video you are watching was partially created by a local broker who no longer lives here. He convinced a local producer to do the video at the golf channel. He neglected to tell that producer that he was secretly buying lots and was using the video to scare banks and sellers into selling lots very cheaply to him.

He ultimately bought almost 90 lots and a couple of homes to boot. When the Golf Channel producer found out they had been used and manipulated, they quickly disavowed and severed their relationship with this broker.

The new owners at Bella Collina are great and house prices have risen due to their clean up and marketing efforts. I have nothing but good things to say about the property and I want to continue to bring my clients there.


Vicky, glad you looked him up. Big difference between him and those big companies and that is they are not being sued for fraud and restraining orders are not issued against them for witness intimidation, among other rather unsavory items. In addition, they also have not violated asset freeze orders issued by the federal government.


I looked up this guy and WOW. He is a impressive.

He is being sued alongside the biggest companies in the country!

Like Whole Food and Apple and the biggest Mobile cheap company in the world and many of the biggest.

I also found out the he has 130,000 followers likes on Facebook and 80,000 on his own.....

He's a hansom devil.


Obviously you didn't look too closely to come to that conclusion.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot that this wasn't written by an actual person other than Don Juravin.

You are unnecessarily full of yourself.


This blog is a total fraud and was written by one individual and all supporting comments to this blog were written by the same individual.

@Andrew ***s Esq

Now that I looked him up and checked the subject further, please explain why this Bella Collina FRAUD post is not a fraud or a scam.

Isn't it the the first amendment right to post the facts?


It is your right to post your opinion, but when you claim fraud as a fact with nothing more than article that is years that was only an opinion itself; you do realize that you are opening yourself up to liable and slander claims, right? Be careful.


Roberto, look up the court records in the fifth district court of appeals as late as last year and you can see how these so called fraud cases were tossed. You need to get updated on the facts buddy.

And yes it does matter who wrote it because he is behind these and other fake blogs.

So get your facts straight.

@Terry Wainwright

Thanks Terry. So all the hundreds of people that invested in Bella Collina did not lose tens of millions of Dollars? Can you say that the buyer of properties in Bella Collina don't feel DEFRAUDED and SCAMMED by Bella Collina Properties?

@Terry Wainwright

Found this

@Terry Wainwright


Do the math. The lots in Bella Collina are worth $5,000 a piece based on last bulk sale. Only a sucker will pay more.


Terry, what's wrong with you man?

I also considered buying in Bella Collina and as I was searching, this post opened my eyes!

I read about the FRAUD and SCAM in your community and how people lost millions of Dollars buying lots and homes. Can you please deal with the FACTS?

What does it matter who wrote it?!

Ignoring the facts makes you look like an ***. Deal with the truth and please tell me if the video is not factual or any of the 8 posts I have encountered when searching: "Bella Collina fraud" and "Bella Collina scam" are not true.


It seems like this Bella Collina has a history of investors and home owners ONLY LOSING MONEY there.

I noticed that Terry Wainwright is accusing someone for merely posting the FACTS about this Bella Collina place that cause people to lose tens of millions of dollars.

My research shows that a lot that was bought for $900,000 was later sold by the bank for $9,000 which shows that Bella Collina is a LOSER.

No one should invest in a community with so much bad reputation or history of SCAM.


Dear Terry, you are so wrong and you are probably not aware of the hundreds or thousands of people that owe their lives, or improved lives, to Mr. Juravin

Hundreds of us are going to testify for him.

He has done nothing but help us more than what our doctors have.

Read this please:

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