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I am a Bella Collina resident and I, my husband and children are very, very happy with how the management has cleaned up this place. I don't always agree with them on certain policies, but we live in a free country, and that's ok.

I am very much aware however of a rather ruinous individual named Don Karl Juravin who lives in Bella Collina and has made his unwanted presence very well known, unfortunately. To start off with, around a year ago, we saw he posted fake reviews online about Bella Collina trying to damage the reputation of the community, the developer owners and our HOA. That is horrible, because I know how hard these folks have worked and invested lots of money to make the place beautiful again and bring the values back up, for everyone. Additionally, this man hung gigantic banners in his front yard advertising for his fake anti Bella Collina review website that was damaging to the entire neighborhood by saying it was jinxed and it was controlled by the mafia.

He apparently told one of my neighbors that it was his constitutional "right" to say and do this. He also placed big signs on his mini van saying that Bella Collina was a scam and owned by the mafia, among other things. We have been more than perplexed by his actions with the signs, websites, mini van signs, and why he has not mowed his lawn in months. In addition, he leaves his trash in the street 7 days a week and it is disgusting.

What could be up with this? It makes no sense. Well, I think I might have figured it out when I googled his name. I was shocked as to all of the controversy surrounding him.

I was stunned as to how many lawsuits are against him from the government for supposedly selling fake products online, bribery accusations, IRS issues to the suing his customers who left him a negative reviews. I am downloading some of the things I found online about him, as well as the judges order for him to take that perfectly atrocious banner down! My theory is that he wants to become such a problem here that he hopes the Home owners will just buy him out to make him go away....well good luck with that one Mr. Juravin if that is your motive.

Thank you HOA, DCS (Paul, Randall and Rick) for tackling this guy and not backing down and making him clean up his house, yard, and taking the signs down. This is why I recommend Bella Collina to our friends!

p.s. I downloaded all of these things online and from the Lake County Florida Court House.

Reason of review: Great place to live!.

Bella Collina Pros: Dcs turned bella collina around, Place is beautiful.

Bella Collina Cons: Don karl juravin lies.

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