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Don't buy a home, wedding, lot, event or golf before you learn about the BAD LUCK and JINX of Bella Collina. Since 2002 Bella Collina was associated with SCAM and FRAUD.

History Of Losses & Fraud Lawsuits Bella Collina, the brainchild of Edward Robert Ginn III, looks like a ghost town even today this 1,900-acre property that was designed to hold 800 homes. Only 48 houses dot the landscape and very few have families in them. The Florida suit also alleges that Mr. Ginn worked to artificially inflate the prices of parcels in his development.

In one case, according to the lawsuit, a buyer bought two properties for a total of $1.007 million, and Mr. Ginn’s title company recorded the respective sale prices as $1.007 million and $1. The company then used the larger price as a “comparable” figure in an appraisal for Roy Bridges, a British financial adviser who bought a property for $1.195 million, according to appraisal records. Mr.

Bridges’s property is now in foreclosure. Mr. Ginn contends that “the county recorded it incorrectly.” According to a transcript of a video obtained by a law firm representing property owners in the suit, a Ginn salesman told a group of potential buyers at Bella Collina that “Lot 5 sold for $2.1 million this morning.” But property records showed that the parcel sold for just $416,900, according to the lawsuit. When Mr.

Ginn was in his 30s, he worked with the Butcher brothers, Jake and C. H. Jr., Tennessee bankers who went to prison for bank fraud. In 1986, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation sued Mr.

Ginn, (real estate developer of Bella Collina) contending that he had participated in a scheme with the brothers to defraud banks under the pretense of developing a property in that state. The A & G deals are cited in a class-action suit filed last week in federal district court in Florida, alleging a scheme to sell properties based on fraudulent appraisals. Mr.

Ginn says he now faces about 30 lawsuits. Don Karl Juravin is EXPOSING the truth with FACTS to WARN consumers of homes and wedding couples

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: For the company stop defrauding .

Bella Collina Cons: Real estate fraud, Randall greene embezelment, Bella collina is jinxed with bad luck, Bad investment, Wedding bad luck.

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  • Bella Collina Homes Bad Value
  • Wedding Bad Luck
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Continued to be JINXED with BAD LUCK

A lot in Bella Collina is valued at $5,000 and when considering that there are 700+ lots available.....

It seems like the math can't lie. These are numerical FACTS.


The FACT remains: Bella Collina is JINXED with BAD LUCK.

I would not get married in Bella Collina or have a WEDDING there.... I wonder how many divorces or BAD weddings/marriages.... I will check

Don Karl Juravin

Bella Collina resident


Google Don Karl Juravin, Adi D. Juravin and Adi Jorbin.

You will see that he is under indictment and being sued by the FTC for consumer fraud. He was also convicted in Israel for the same thing and then filed bankruptcy after numerous personal judgments were entered in against him.


This guy is such a loser


Don Juravin wrote the *** comment below and as usual, he makes this stuff up as he goes.


This Bella Collina is a FRAUD since 2002 and has been in court over 700 times.


Don Juravin is an ignorant fool. I am happy he got his *** kicked in court


Don Karl Juravin wrote the ridiculous comment below and it shows how ignorant he really is. According to public records that lawsuit against the owners of Bella Collina is blowing up left and right in the faces of the plaintiffs, which is pretty funny.

This will prove to be a costly litigation expedition for them.

Hey Don, heard you were in court the other day with them, how did it go??? (Expect silence everyone).


Discovery and depositions should be very interesting and juicy in this case:

Dwight C. Schar

Paul E.


DCS Investments Holdings GP

Alan Tarpell

David Burman Aegis Community Management Solutions, Inc. Randall F. Greene Keith Clarke Paul Lebreux Richard C. Arrighi James D.

Ryan Michael J.

Ryan The Ryan Law Group LLC, Rocking Red H, LLC Ricky L. Scharich Bella Collina Towers, LLC


I think its going to be juicy when the Judge throws this ABSURD lawsuit out. But it'll be even sweeter when the counter suit(s) BURY you, your cohorts and puts your quack lawyer out of business.


Nah, it'll be boring. But if your looking for something juicy, try the FTC investigation findings of Don Juravin and Roca Labs. Plenty of "juicy" material in that...


Yep, that's right. All of this *** is written by that *** Don Juravin


This guy is an ***. I met this guy at the club about six months ago.

I can tell you that I was not impressed with him or his idiotic speeches on how great Israel is. If it is so good to live there, go the F back and quit ruining our neighborhood you carpet bagger.


Ginn? This guy needs to update his facts. Ginn hasn't been involved in Bella in YEARS.


I've reviewed the FTC lawsuit for $25M in claims against this guy (Don Karl Juravin). It's interesting what the paid favorable commentators say attesting to how it works.

It's really quite simple: 1. thoroughly starve yourself 2. Exercise 3.

And most importantly take my worthless weight loss formula (that's how I can make $$) and then, miraculously you will lose weight!! Genius insight for the Messiah inventor to come up with something like that!!


I am also a resident in Bella Collina, and in fact was in the original launch. About 10 years ago, as Rassgot points out, the recession hit us very hard, and because Bella had achieved such high initial sale prices in those original launches, of course it fell more than most at that time.

I view DCS as basically saving Bella by bringing in monetary commitments in 2012, and enforcing the CC&R's; without which the Club and golf course likely would have failed, and subsequently lot and home values would have suffered even more.

Despite the false claims in the current litigations (including anything that Don Karl Juravin is posting), property values continue to go up, new home construction is accelerating, and the property landscaping and amenities are outstandingly well kept--all as a result of DCS taking control of Bella. Anyone who doesn't see the reality of this is either an ***, a scammer attempting to avoid what they legitimately owe, or an extortionist looking to score money through threats of intimidation.


Again, here are some actual facts about Don Juravin. He is under investigation by the FTC, has liens imposed by the IRS.

Here is a site that is FULL of facts about Juravin, with links to the cited material.



Juravin is such a loser


Haha! The *** that posted this posted a news article that is over 10 years old.

Apparently the writer is not aware of this thing we called a "recession".

From what I read about this don juravin, he is a complete buffoon and is probably pissed that these guys are going to take his ***.. I hope this tard has the $ when they come a knocking after winning their case!