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The negative reviews here have been written by Don Karl Juravin who is being sued by Bella Collina in 3 separate lawsuits. The first suit is for posting fake, malicious, and defamatory reviews / blogs online.

The second suit is because Don Karl Juravin refuses to maintain his home and yard area. The third suit is for posting illegal and defamatory signage on the property which is not allowed in the governing documents. Mr Juravin has also incessantly hasrassed employees there and constantly files false police reports against those employees. The local police have labeled him a nuisance and a "cop shopper" with his numerous false reports.

I have attached from the public record the first lawsuit for libel against Juravin for posting false and malicious blogs and reviews for your review. Google Don Karl Juravinand Roca Labs.

You will see numerous lawsuits and indictments against him and judgements from the IRS, FTC, and other creditors. He is not to be trusted.

Reason of review: Bella Collina is a great place.

Bella Collina Pros: Place is beautiful, Dcs turned bella collina around.

Bella Collina Cons: Don karl juravin lies.

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Ah, Cooper, I mean Don Juravin, you have way too much time on your hands. Why don’t you spend some quality time with your lawyer planning your upcoming bankruptcy?

Maybe plan a move back to Israel..oh wait, they won’t take you because of your past convictions and bankruptcy there.

Oh boy, maybe Canada will take you. Good luck with all that you have going on.


How about us? Please tell internet world why we won our lawsuit and will be filling a class action .


Let’s hear it Louis??? Give me a case number..I don’t think you can. This like a fake Don Juravin comment.


Louis write so many things bad.. I do not like as my husband and I used to work for him but he is really Don who did not pay us for work. He told us his name was Louis and we want our money


Cooper, you did not win your lawsuit and there will be no class action. Look it up dufus.


This guy and kathy griffin should be on the same boat , going over the water fall... we all shouldn't even pay attend to this wacko... we r just giving him life by talking about it....


I am a Bella Resident and have seen and heard this nut job. He is damaging my property value because of his antics and I may sue him for damages.


Couldn't agree more! I came across this article;


then started searching about Roca Labs. The whole article is concerning. I thought this was pretty crazy.

"There are more than 100 complaints, most of which revolve around the fact that once Roca Labs has access to your credit card information (which it acquires during its "qualification" process), your account will be charged for the entirety of the purchase, no matter what. There are no refunds, no returns and -- as its Terms and Conditions state -- the company reserves the right to charge you even more if you make your unhappiness with the product public."

WTH kinda business is this?

I searched a little further an noticed all these *** webpages saying all the same things. They look like bad spam emails. This Don Juravin sounds shady. No wonder hes being investigated.


Great review. I am a Bella Collina resident and have drive past this guys house every day with two foot tall weeds in his front yard and now a huge banner trashing our neighborhood.

This guy won't like the end of this mess he has created.

Bella Collina is a beautiful place and this guy is trying to ruin it. My hat is off to DCS for having the balls to sue this *** bag.


Good review and hope they get em' as they say in the south