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After years of misinformation, slander, salacious claims and harassment of individuals involved with Bella Collina, federal Judge Byron has thrown out the absurd lawsuit.

Hopefully, jerks like Don Karl Juravin, Tim McCullough, and Hackenberg will stop their slanderous attacks against Greene, Arrighi, Simonson, and Schar, so our community will continue to prosper which is good for everyone who lives here! I don't understand why they keep on actively hurting or outright lying about people that are trying to make this beautiful community grow into what it was meant to be.

Do any of these m0r0n's understand they are hurting the property values of their own homes and investments?? DUH!!!

I hope id10ts like Jurvain either go to jail or move.

Reason of review: Lawsuit OVER.

Bella Collina Pros: Bella collina residents, Dcs invested millions in bella collina, Richard arrighi, Randall greene, Dwight schar.

Bella Collina Cons: Don juraivn, Timothy mccullough, Don karl juravin, Hackenberg.

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Good for Bella Collina....they have worked so hard to make it nice and these *** came there to try and shake them down for $$$...and they got w(at they deserved by getting their *** kicked in court