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Randall F.Greene is being sued for alleged racketeering (dishonest and fraudulent business dealings), embezzling and conspiracy in Florida court case in case 6:17-cv-00364.

Bella Collina, managed by Randall Green, has many property owners feeling they were SCAMMED and DEFRAUDED. Randall Greene, aren’t commenting to the newspaper about the allegations and accusations.

The Orlando Sentinel also found that, despite Randall Greene's claims for new construction in 2014 "but there’s been little new construction visible on satellite photos." “The Defendants illegally usurped control of the POA.The POA, without member authorization, then filed 400 fraudulent lawsuits for the collection of invalid special assessments, which coerced lot owners to surrender their lots,” the lawsuit says.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Randall f greene racketeering, Randall greene racketeering, Randall greene scam, Randall greene embezelment, Randall greene fraud.

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Winter Park, Florida, United States #1347812

Don J whatever he calls himself is a complete fool and is full of ***.This guy cannot afford to fight these guys.

I wonder if he has done his research on them?More than likely not

Montverde, Florida, United States #1347386

Don Karl Juravin is the *** who wrote the comment below. He is an ignorant fool

Trust me

Check Randall Greene and also Christina GREENE IN CONJUNCTION WITH eing accused of STEALING property in Bella Collina in 2014

Dont trust him
to Trust me Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1342174

Your only good at spouting out bogus accusations and slandering people.You have not presented ONE shred of evidence.

The only thing anyone would find if they "checked" it, is your own posts sadly attempting to support your garbage claims.

Kind of like when you were creating "third-party" sites to promote/support your "Gastric Bypass Alternative" scam.

Why don't you find something else to do.

Perhaps focus on the fact your in SERIOUS trouble with the IRS and FTC.You should be SO MUCH more concerned about that.


This frivolous lawsuit is going to be thrown out, as is the case with all the other claims and lawsuits this *** wastes the courts time with. Go waste some other country's court system's time for a change.

Sunnyvale, California, United States #1336699

"Joe" and the "real estate agent" fake comments need to be considered as another Don Karl Juravin false posting.

Sunnyvale, California, United States #1336693

The only thing Don Karl Juravin exposes is his warped assessment of things for some personal agenda.In that, he is in good company with a disgraced attorney who chose to take up these false claims without having anything resembling reality and fact.

He surrounds himself with others whose sole purpose is to evade paying for legitimate assessments they agreed to pay when they purchased in Bella Collina.

The truth is that property values have significantly increased in Bella "after" DCS/Dwight Schar became the successor declarant to Ginn, and continue to rise.

Simply reviewing the sales periods that corresponds with this activity completely supports this.

However, Mr.Juravin and his legal cohorts have never really had an acquaintance with the truth.

Clermont, Florida, United States #1333930


Orlando, Florida, United States #1333430

Here are the facts:

The lawsuit alleges that the owners behind the Bella Collina company, including Palm Beach businessman Dwight Schar, actively sought to destroy property values in order to drive out lot owners so they could repurchase the entire project at super-low prices.

The lawsuit alleges Schar & Randall F. Greene and DCS Capital Investments were engaged in racketeering, embezzling and conspiracy.

I am Don Karl Juravin and I fight to expose the truth.

Ari Katzman
to Anonymous Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel #1334189

You are a *** Don Karl Juravin. You should work on not having such an adversarial relationship with the truth.

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